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dOne of the captains of the CR:5. Last to debut.

Height: 188cm (6ft 2in)
Weight: 72kg (159lb)
Blood-Type: AB
Eye color: Dark violet
Age: 24
Birthday: Feb. 15, 1908
Zodiac: Aquarius
Favorite food: Ice cream
Favorite color: Red
Weapon: Knife, gun, bare hands, anything
Likes: No real hobbies, but likes Gian,drugs sweet things, Gian,drugs, red, Gian, sweets, Gian,drugs, warmth, Gian, drugs
Dislikes: Americans (non-Italian), alcohol


He has short purple hair and purple eyes. He is a very quiet person and dosen't say much. He cares for Gian a lot. He is the Third Captein of CR:5 and the strongest. His tattoo is on his lower hip.  He is from a rich and well standing family. He wears a long black jacket and a red t-shirt that has a hole on his hip to show his CR:5 tattoo. He wears a necklace and he always has a knife with him.  


He is very quiet and doesn't say much and is usually calm and gentle, but when it comes to Gian he is over protective and can be very dangerous. When it comes to the GD it's like a game for Giulio, he swings his knife through the air like nothing. He is really good with the knife. And he is the dangerous person in the CR:5.However, Giulio himself is a soldato – someone who bloodies his hands and has done hits and raids since his teens. (His knife somehow appears even when he’s got no clothes to hide them in.) He keeps a weaponry filled with grenades and rifles and shotguns and pistols under his bed in his hideout. When he attacks, he has the precision of a sniper rifle and the speed of a bullet. For him, it’s much easier to kill than to leave someone alive (no matter how pained).

But with everything else, he’s extremely clumsy. Cooking results in a warzone, and dressing himself requires much squirming and even then he’d still miss a few belt buckles. He has perfect table manners, though.

Giulio eats a lot for someone so graceful and thin. He can eat bowls of gelato in the space of a few blinks, and very happily, too.


Belonging to a family as old as Daivan itself, and being the heir to boot, he’s well-brought up and well-mannered. Beautiful, silent, reserved, and someone Gian feels could hook up with anyone if he wanted to; Giulio has no interest in women. Instead, he keeps his eyes on Gian, his “aspiration.” He pays so much attention, in fact, that Bernardo has to warn Gian that, “When it comes to you, his ability to judge things shifts.”


Technically Giulio is the last CR: 5 captain to debut in the manga but that is only to the active captains. Former and retired captain Cavalli is the last captain debuted in the manga when resigning his seat to Gian from the letter in the first chapter.

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